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    The best budget air fryer on the market right now. The Yedi Evolution offers tons of accessories and comes with 360 stainless steel design.

    • Design Look and Feel 90 %
    • Cooking Capacity 50 %
    • Overall Cooking Performance 70 %
    • Worth the Value 80 %
    • Additional Accessories 90 %
    • User Ratings (2 Votes) 67 %

    Yedi Air Fryer [Evolution] is different from the other competitors with its 360 stainless steel design that truly gives out a premium look and fine art for the kitchen counter. With detailed finishing and a futuristic look, the air fryer is a wise choice not only for the looks but for its wide range of functions as well.

    As a manufactured product in the US, the Yedi appliances have an outgoing reputation to be the best at what the air fryers are supposed to do. Also, the Yedi was known for Oprah’s choice of air fryer and if you check the reviews, you may find the majority of them are in the 5-star category. For the price, you pay to get a great value air fryer and a product that will last long.

    Yedi Air Fryer Evolution Review


    Air Fryers have become a common commodity in the kitchen for most household cooking. The main reason is the efficient fat reduction that the Air Fryers offer in cooking its meals.  Also, the availability of many accessories for the variety of cuisines that are all over the internet.

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    Therefore, people mostly prefer home cookers such as the Yedi to do the hard work in the kitchen for them. Today we have the review for Yedi Evolution Air Fryer, also check the review for Milin Air Fryer; known for its spacious compartment.

    Yedi Evolution Air Fryer is a product of Yedi Houseware in Los Angeles, USA.

    Product Specifications

    It carries [46.4 x 36.4 x 44 centimeters] in size and carries 18lbs in weight. Temperature range: 180°F-400°F. Compared to other models this air fryer seems to carry a bit more weight and it might be stainless steel surface that is all around the appliance.

    Design and Controls; Yedi Evolution Air Fryer

    The Yedi air fryer is known for its looks and its futuristic digital panel. Seems like an iPhone fitted to the air fryer at first. The stainless-steel exterior is where the air fryer looks amazing, the design and the curved edges blend into the countertop easily. The air fryer is one of the best air fryers in design on the market. Therefore, if you are already a fan of its cooking you should go for this appliance.

    The touch screen on the front of the appliance with the power button, temperature, fan, and timer with the display in the middle. It includes eight cooking presets compared to the Milin. The Fryer also has a 6.8-quart size advantage. With the ceramic material finishing the Yedi truly seems to blend with granite countertops of any kind while giving a smooth look and feel among the stainless-steel products.

    The Yedi air fryer also comes with a lot of accessories that may surprise you that some of the air fryers that have a higher price mark do not offer.

    Included items and accessories

    The Yedi Evolution air fryer comes with a packed set of accessories for you to diversify your cooking.

    • Ceramic coated cooking basket
    • Ceramic coated cooking Basket Divider (Cook 2 meals at once!)
    • Ceramic coated pizza pan
    • 50 perforated parchment steaming papers
    • Multi-purpose rack with 3 stainless steel skewers
    • 2 stainless steel dehydrator racks
    • Silicone cupcake/egg bite pan
    • Recipe Book (with 100 recipes), Cooking Timetable & Detailed User Guide

    There is also a slight chance that you may not end up with all these accessories, but this is the case for some units. Make sure you check your unit after delivery so that you may return or refund if anything that you can’t live without doesn’t show up.

    Special Features; Yedi Evolution Air Fryer

    The air fryer is best for a couple to suit their cooking needs. At maximum, you can afford to cook 3-4. If you have a further requirement try the Yedi Air Fryer Oven XL. The 6.8-quart Yedi Evolution air fryer is known for being super easy to clean. The ceramic non-coating of the basket has been the highlight for the Yedi Evolution 6.8 quart air fryer.

    It assists in cleaning and also much healthier ways of cooking, while many air fryers do not come with this feature, or even if it does the outer layer will peel off after some time. But with the ceramic coating of the Yedi, it is to appreciate the fact that the company has given prominence to that.

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    The Air Fryer is ultimately the sleekest looking Air fryer you can purchase in the market right now. With the 360 stainless steel coating while the basket comes with a ceramic coating too. The inside of the cavity is made from steel which also adds to the finishing. This Air Fryer comes with plenty of accessories to suit your dishes. A pan and grill for the chicken wings, a cupcake tray, etc.


    However this is thin in size, Therefore you might want to be careful not to damage the basket. The initial purchasing of the item may put you off with the chemical smell of the air fryer but most recommend that when you do the necessary pre-heating requisites the odor goes away. The air fryer is in the great value category and is considered one of the best budget air fryers from Intoptrend.

    The favorite recipe turned out to be French fries as customers using it for months have been happy with what they received from the Yedi Evolution air fryer. The air fryer is also long-lasting and also an electric bill saver. However, at the time you can end up with a bad unit. Therefore as soon as you purchased the unit, check for the complete functionality.

    Sleek DesignHeavy
    Quick ResponseRelatively Big
    Effective Cooking TimeTypical Features
    Tons of Accessories
    Pros and Cons of Yedi Air Fryer

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    Overall Impression of the Yedi Evolution Air Fryer

    More the typical type Air Fryer with sleek finishing is what you can expect from the Yedi. It may seem much of a stretch at first but once you purchase it seems to do its job well. User review point it has done great as many would seem to have no problem with it whatsoever.  Some have complained it takes much space on the countertop, but if you are hoping to buy an air fryer for the typical purpose of it we don’t think that it will be an issue as the rewards are plenty.

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