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    Instant pot vortex plus is known for it's cooking capability. The air fryer is more than enough for family of four.

    • Design Look and Feel 70 %
    • Cooking Capacity 75 %
    • Overall Cooking Performance 85 %
    • Worth the Value 70 %
    • Additional Accessories 40 %
    • User Ratings (1 Votes) 94 %

    The next on the list is the Instant Vortex air fryer. The Instant Vortex air fryer may seem like an air fryer that rarely handles large amounts of food, but don’t let the looks fool you. The air fryer does a good job of frying a 2-pound bag of fries or a 4-pound chicken.

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    Design look and Feel | Instant Vortex Air Fryer


    The Instant Vortex air fryer is with a sleek design and is a guaranteed winner in terms of the look and feel of your kitchen counter. The air fryer may feel a little bulkier, but this is no issue at all as you can easily tuck it away or place it on the counter where the stainless-steel design will blend into the environment right away.

    The Instant air fryer is not made essentially for party-size servings so the tray you might find is not large enough to cook for a family. You may find yourself cooking several batches of food if you have bought this for a family of more than three. The allocated space for the air fryer digital display also makes it a great appliance for convenience.

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    Included items and accessories

    The Instant Pot air fryer does not come with a recipe book. Therefore, you may want to find recipes online if you are into the recipe books. Though most people often do not complain about this. A detailed time and heat guide are given. Most users also did not find the instruction manual useful and you will find yourself going through practical scenarios to get used to the air fryer.

    Special Features of Instant Vortex Air Fryer Plus

    The air fryer does come with bonus traits for your cooking life to be much easier. Unlike some air fryers in the market, the Instant Pot Vortex Plus notifies you to turn your food over after the first round. This function is useful as you may not want to set the timer at two different instances.


    The instant vortex air fryer plus does not emit heat as much as you think an air fryer would. Overall ratings prove the air fryer is much safer in terms of heat emission. Also, make sure that you preheat your air fryer before you start inserting your food.

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    The cooking of segment of the air fryers is great, as you can fry wings the air fryer may take around 30 minutes for chicken wings with all the necessary preheating, the wings turned out great with a soft and crispy feeling on top and with juicy tender meat on the bottom. The oil of the wings dripped off and was collected to the basket below.

    Some food cooked may not necessarily be cooked with the times you find on the internet as the Instant Pot air fryer does not come with a recipe book. You may need to give the food extra time to be perfectly cooked. Make sure you check this when you take out the food for the first time.

    Instant pot is one of the air fryer brands that compete at the top and this is one of the Instant air fryer trademark appliances, therefore cooking results are somewhat guaranteed every time. Like mentioned there are sometimes that it may not seem to fulfill the requirement, this is not because of the air fryer incapability but if you play around with the time, you may gain the expected result.

    The fact that most air fryers contain a recipe book is a show of attraction to the consumer, yet it also signifies that the recipes are tested and cooked with the appliance before. But the instant vortex air fryer plus does not contain a recipe book for that matter, and therefore the cooking times may vary with the recipes that you may find from other sources.

    Usability and Convenience

    Right from the start, we mentioned that even though the air fryer does not come with a manual that is expected to impress everyone it is rather important to read the manual before proceeding with the appliance. You may be tricked into a plastic odor that comes with the air fryer and leads to thinking the air fryer is not a properly manufactured appliance.

    But this is not the case, the air fryer manual instructs you of this and says that to switch on the appliance for 20 min at 400 degrees to burn that smell off. First, make sure you have removed every bit of plastic pieces or foam stacked inside the trays and around the air fryer before proceeding.

    The Instant Vortex air fryer is hugely appreciated for the digital display and the convenience of the buttons. The button functions do not overlap and have a separate space allocated to every function (even the time and temperature are separated with a dial assigned to both the functions)

    The air fryer does make a whirring sound but is less likely to irritate you. In terms of cook settings, you may find the air fryer limited to a small number of options therefore consider a different product if you need a variety of cooking options.

    Summary Instant Pot Vortex Plus

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    The Instant Vortex air fryer Plus will not disappoint you in cooking or frying. However, the limited number of cooking options may be a downgrade to the product with such perks. The appliance is also bulkier and if you have a small kitchen countertop then you may need to stow it separately. The cooking gives great results if you stick to the proper recipe times. You may experience inadequate cooking due to the lack of cooking time given for the appliance, therefore make sure you refer to proper recipes before proceeding to the cooking stage.

    The Instant Vortex air fryer 6-in-1 is almost complete if it had the above features. This can be a reliant appliance by far than some of the appliances that give bad results for the same price.

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