Coffee Drinks | 14 Great Types of Hot Coffee to Consume

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Coffee drinks come in a variety of sizes, shapes, and colors. They include anything from straightforward hot and cold coffees to a vast variety of bizarre and fascinating coffee combinations that are popular across the world in various cultures. On this page, we include the most popular coffee drinks as well as some other regionally distinct coffee drinks.

Evolution of Coffee Drinks

Start of the Coffee Legend

The legend of discovering coffee dates back centuries when the coffee plants were first discovered in the Ethiopian plateau. A goat herder named Kaldi is known as the first person to discover coffee after his goats were seen very active throughout the day after eating the berries from these trees.  This discovery was then reported to the monastery where the abbot of the monastery made a drink with these berries which resulted in staying up all night for prayers. The word of these magical berries spread to the Arabian peninsula, and the story of coffee begins.

Coming to Arabian Peninsula

Coffee cultivation was initiated in the Arabian peninsula. Coffee cultivation started to gain momentum in the Yemeni area of Arabia which was known in Persia, Egypt, Syria, and Turkey by the 16th century. Coffee shops began to take shape in the region and appeared in the cities in the East. Coffee was enjoyed in homes and became a regular beverage in society. It was known as the ‘wine of Araby’ and pilgrims were eager to taste it on their journeys across the nation. 

Coffee Drinks Coming to Europe

When coffee reached Europe, it received a bitter welcome where coffee was regarded as the beverage of Satan and the local priests prevented the consumption of coffee in Venice in 1615. This began to raise concerns over the nation that the Pope decided to be a part of and requested to taste the drink. After consuming it this was approved and later began to spread across the nation. Replacing breakfast beverages and taking society by storm coffee became a crucial part of the European tradition. Coffee was then distributed around the world

The methods used to create the coffee drinks, the kind of coffee machine, the ingredients, or the technique of serving to determine the variances in coffee beverages. For instance, you can have a hot cup of coffee without milk or a cold cup of coffee with milk. You can prepare a diverse range of coffee beverages, of course, coffee beans are used to make all varieties of coffee drinks, but the amounts of beans used might vary depending on the desired intensity. Here is a description of the many coffee beverages.

Types of hot coffee drinks

The most popular type of coffee drink is hot coffee. The best combination of coffee can be achieved with hot water. The temperature plays a crucial part in a beverage where flavors and the coffee aroma are distributed through it. Therefore, hot coffee, and drinks, and more popular than cold coffee.

Here we mention a few types of coffee drinks which can be categorized as hot beverages.

Instant coffee

One of the most popular types of coffee drinks that are consumed and can be prepared easily with hot water, and coffee grounds. This type of coffee is mainly bought from a shelf, where the coffee grains are dried to maximize the shelf life, and it is served as a quick taste of coffee for consumers. The most common type of coffee drink is instant coffee.

This is not considered fresh coffee and most coffee enthusiasts refrain from consuming instant coffee as the taste of coffee is not authentic and not fresh. 

Drip coffee

Photo by Felipe Giacometti on Unsplash

Drip coffee is the second most consumed and the most popular type of coffee. This is defined by the source where the coffee is made, which is mainly from an automatic machine. This is a simple coffee, where you’ll get a decent taste with an overall amount of freshness if fresh beans are used.

Pour over coffee

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A pour over dripper is used to make pour over coffee, which is prepared using a method that periodically replenishes the water surrounding the ground coffee. Compared to espresso coffee, the flavor is less intense yet still clear and rich.


Any coffee produced with decaffeinated beans is referred to as being “decaf.” It can be served hot, cold, with milk, or in any other manner that normal coffee is served. The level of caffeine in decaf coffee is the main distinction between the two varieties. Although decaffeinated coffee still contains some caffeine, over 97% of the caffeine in coffee is removed during the decaffeination process.


Photo by Chase Eggenberger on Unsplash

The process of making an espresso works by producing coffee by sending coffee grounds through high pressure steam. This is a popular concentrated beverage that requires close attention to prepare. This mode of coffee is used to prepare coffee such as cappuccino, macchiato, etc.



Latte is the most popular type of espresso that coffee lovers enjoy as it is a milk based drink. It is made with one part espresso, and two parts of steamed milk. With added sugar latte can be an attractive drink.


With one less part of milk compared to the latte, the cappuccino consists of one part espresso and is topped with milk foam. Cinnamon or chocolate powder can be seen on top of the cappuccino. 


With one shot of espresso and filled with milk the macchiato is a milk based coffee drink. Compared to latte and cappuccino the strength of the coffee is less in the macchiato. However, in certain parts of the world, this can be prepared differently. 


An Americano is a shot of espresso poured into a big cup with hot water on top. As a result, the coffee is less strong, akin to drip coffee. The name Americano is unique to the Americans where it is said that soldiers consumed the limited espresso with hot water in order to conserve the amount of espresso.

Flat white

A flat white is created with a double dose of espresso, steamed milk, and no milk froth. The scent is still dominated by the espresso flavor, with the milk serving as a supporting flavor. If consumers need a strong sense of coffee mixed with milk base then this would be a finer option. 

Black coffee

Photo by Steve Harvey on Unsplash

Black coffee is any mix of water and coffee that is served without the addition of milk or creamer. These products alter the fragrance and color of the coffee, making it mild brown or white. Black coffee is a healthy beverage from all the coffee drinks that are consumed when a concentrated coffee taste is needed.


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Ground coffee and hot water are put into the plastic tube, the contents are pushed through a paper or metal filter. The flavor can be robust, similar to espresso, but the filter eliminates a certain amount of oils and sediments, resulting in a pure flavor.


A cortado coffee is produced by combining one part espresso with one part steamed milk and no froth. This a drink that is mostly limited to some parts of the European region.

Long Black

It is typically made by pouring two parts of espresso into hot water. This can be 3-4 ounces of hot water. The portafilter can be filled more compared to the espresso grind size since this grind size contains a much finer grind.


Coffee drinks are mainly consumed hot and it is why hot coffee drinks are considered the best and have a range of coffee varieties to try out. There are also many non-popular local coffee types as well. Any coffee lover should enjoy these hot coffees and as well cold coffee types. All the coffee beverages are different in the way they are brewed with different milk portions, coffee, and hot water. Fresh coffee however stays constant in all of these coffee drinks to serve them with proper authenticity.