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Before Apple’s most renowned Powerbeats Pro was introduced; the Beats Powerbeats headphones were the leading giant for the runners and the gym crowd. The Powerbeats Pro turned a lot of heads in its launch and was the trending product for the quality and the most remarkable wireless feature. Here we take a look at the Beats Powerbeats review.

We will review the design, functionality of the device while comparing other major headphones in the market now. Not only the Pros of the Beats headphones but we will go through the Cons of this device you can expect according to our opinion. And the reasons why you should choose this device and whether it is worth buying or not. The guide will cover some of the comprehensive for the Beats Powerbeats review briefly so you can make a well-known purchase decision.

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The new Beats Powerbeats are now launched with most of the Pro features. Though they still have the nagging neckband which most people prefer not to; the Powerbeats has the same quality sound as the Powerbeats Pro with sweat resistance and water resistance.

Design is a funny word. Some people think design means how it looks. But of course, if you dig deeper, it’s really how it works. The Beats Powerbeats headphones can stand in good competition with its improved version. First look at the product in the Beats Powerbeats review.

First look of the new Beats Powerbeats


Unfolding the Beats Powerbeats you can find them similar to the design of the Powerbeats Pro; with the same earpiece and adjustable ear loops. It is to know that the Powerbeats are designed to let in some sound from the environment because to maintain situational awareness when using them outdoors. So, you may not be able to completely be drowned in music when in activities. Yet it does the job rather satisfactorily.

Compared to the Airpods, the Beats Powerbeats do rather exceptional in noise-canceling. Yet as mentioned it is designed for outdoors and at the price point, it is acceptable.

The new Powerbeats has some worthy features compared to the Powerbeats 3. The neckband continues straight from the end of the ear loop unlike the Powerbeats 3. The band itself is now round which is quite comfortable unlike the Powerbeats 3 neckband being flat, which makes it stick or rather uncomfortable during runs.

Button Configuration and Sound | Beats Powerbeats Review

The button configuration is rather different from the Powerbeats Pro. It has the ‘b’ button and the volume rocker on each side making it to be used individually. But the Powerbeats does not have this feature. Only the right side ’b’ button works for pausing tracks, changing.

Also activating Siri with the volume rocker on top; where the left one is not a button that remains for the style. Furthermore, the inclusion of a power button can be seen on the left side bridge in the Powebeats; which you don’t find in the Pro’s as they power automatically.

12mm pistonic drivers are both included in the Beats Powerbeats Pro and the Powerbeats, where you can expect the same quite impressive quality.

With runners and gym class people expecting higher bass and kick back music to motivate them during their running and workout sessions you can expect it from the new Powerbeats, yet to a low-end compared to the Powerbeats Pro.

Pros to the Beats Powerbeats

Diving down and narrowing down to the consumers; the Beats Powerbeats has an upper hand from some features compared to Powebeats Pro. Such as the Powerbeats will face no bugs. That you might fall into pray at times with the wireless devices as the Pros. But the Powebeats are connected with a wire, which allows them to be bug-free.

Unlike the wireless headphones or comparing to one, the Powerbeats has long-standing battery life and will last up to 15 hours, whereas the Powerbeats Pro promises a 9-hour full charge battery life.

The most important – you don’t have to look anywhere it’s right there around your neck. For a frequent wireless headphones user, you might find the Powerbeats largely helpful when it comes to losing your wireless Powerbeats Pros; as the regular Powerbeats are connected through a wire you will feel like when your specs are lost but it’s right there on your head – well in this case on the neck.

Mostly the runners of long-distance may find the Powerbeats more inclined to their routine of workout as long-runs tend to lose the awareness of your headphones and there is a slight chance that one can be lost if dropped or easily malfunctioned. But with the nagging band around your neck, it always stays in place. For us, the Beats Powerbeats was meant for the motion workouts.

Beats Powerbeats Review

Cons to expect

  • To much surprise, the Beats Powerbeats are much heavier than the Powerbeats Pro which is 6 grams lesser (20.3g), turns out the cord weighs additionally on the device.
  • The nagging behind your neck will also bother the likes of turning your head and for the people with long hair, it might be a pickle if loose.
  • Unlike the Powerbeats Pro, there is no automatic pause to the Powerbeats.

Why the Beats Powerbeats becomes the first choice over the Powerbeats Pro?

  • The same sound quality in the Powerbeats Pro can be expected in the Beats Powerbeats with a little more towards situational awareness.
  • Like the Airpods and the Powerbeats Pros ; the regular Powebeats are also powered by the Apple’s H1 chip with instant pairing to nearby iPhone or iPad with hands-free ‘Hey Siri’ voice commands.
  • Water and sweat resistance is also available with an IPX4 rating which the Powerbeats 3 lacked.
  • The voice on call includes with a dual-beam and accelerometer ; which also partly cancels the outside noise when speaking.

In this Beats Powerbeats review, we covered the design, functionality, and also the Pros and Cons you can expect by purchasing this device. Along with our personal opinion on why Beats Pro comes first compared with Powerbeats pro.

Overall, the Beats Powerbeats will be a much-preferred choice for the consumers who are entering the market, yet the Powerbeats Pro remains high for their wireless feature and the freedom offered. But it is safe to say that both the bloomers and the professionals in the running business will be the preferring Powerbeats as their first choice for the price and longer battery life respectively.