Powerbeats Pro Review

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Powerbeats Pro

  • Sound better than AirPods
  • Quality calls
  • Sweat/Water resistant
  • Good battery life
  • H1 chip
  • Uneven fit
  • Bulky in ears
  • Lightning charge

Here is the Powerbeats pro review, we are reviewing the in-depth features and functionality of these powerful in-ear headphones. Powerbeats Pro has just disrupted the Beats tend to be the best Beats headphones ever. The design and durability and sound quality have been inspiring with the new P.B. Pro. To be outstanding from Apple’s cheaper and simpler AirPods, this does not come cheap.

This device can truly deliver value for the money period. This Apple Powerbeats Pro review can make a huge difference in your decision on whether it is worth purchasing or not.

Here we review the device Power beats Pro and what it delivers. The review will analyze and provide our opinion on all aspects from the beginning including unboxing the device, the design, the look, and the feel of it. Furthermore, the functionality will be compared with other headphones and major feature comparisons such as noise-canceling battery life, etc.  

Unboxing the new Powerbeats Pro


When unboxing the Apple Powerbeats Pro; what you can expect is a massive case that is relatively large to the contents in it. Yet a robust design with twice the battery for the earphones running time. Though the case is half the size of those that are over-ear headphones. The sound quality of the P.B. completely drives out some of the over-ear headphones on the market right now.

“The design itself is a simple marvel of the Apple Powerbeats Pro”

Powerbeats Pro Review | Design

The crossbar sections that include the battery in each earbud combine with the over-ear flexible stem. The new stem is comfortable around the ear and does not add any extra weight. Or may not feel like a separate part after getting used to it. The flexibility added to its stem does give you a more comfortable feel to any shape that carries in the center of it.

Yes, at the start as we review the power beats pro we mentioned it delivers value for the price, but there are minor letdowns that really may occur with any device you may come across. This is designed for the intention of workouts and jogging. Therefore the earphones cannot be blamed for their rather revealing features compared to Galaxy earbuds by Samsung.

Yet delivers a compact shape design to combine with your ear as a unit. Compared to the Apple AirPods the P. Beats has a variety of in-ear tips. And it is customizable compared with most Airpod users complaining that AirPods fall off from the ear.

Ergonomically well-balanced Powerbeats

Ergonomically designed for the active crowd the Apple Powerbeats Pro offers tremendous convenience in almost all daily activities. The stem around the ear makes sure that the earphones stay tight in place when running or under your hoodie. The best thing about the headphones is the way they stick to your ear. Under any circumstance you are in, it will fit perfectly.

No matter what you go through physically whether it’s jogging, a bold sprint, or a crazy night with music; it stays in your ear perfectly. No slips or drips from the Pro. This will make the headphones truly the most remarkable headphones for the active crowd out there.

The sweat does not affect your headphones at all. But it is to note that you should wipe it before you put it into the battery case as it may result in failures of the device.

Specification and Functionality

Powered by an Apple H1 chip the Apple Powerbeats Pro has some interesting mechanical controls built-in. The logo ‘b’ is the control for music playback and answering or rejecting calls. While a small volume rocker button is just above that. The Siri-enabled Powerbeats Pro gets your voice command made to Siri on point.

Knows your Android device as well

  • The Powerbeats pro is significantly better when using it with an android device. It gives you the same amount of quality with zero connection drops or sudden jerks. It works seamlessly to provide you with the exact level of quality as an Apple device.


  • Battery life is the real challenge to all portable earphones and headphones. However, you would feel at home with the new Power beats Pro headphones; as the battery seems too long last whenever you need them.
  • Claiming to be charged for nine hours after a single refuel is great. And you can’t seem to drain the battery at its peak performance. Yet does not give you wireless or USB C-type charging. Therefore, you must carry the lightning cable to charge the device.

Noise-canceling | Apple Powerbeats Pro Review

  • Even the device has some flaws in the noise-canceling criteria. In a busy environment with much noise, you could still hear a small portion of the surrounding noise. This feature gives awareness to the environment around you.

As observed by many users, these headphones are only sweat-resistant but not water-resistant. The case is not either water or sweat resistant. You might feel uneasy and uncomfortable in the first few uses. You need practice to get the earbud in the right place in your ear as well as the case.

When you hear the reassuring clunk then you can assure the case has shut correctly, and the earbud is in the right place in the case. Almost all the users have reported the call quality was extremely reliable and good, but the recipient received it with a bit of background noise.

Our verdict

All in all, this has exceptional sound quality and better design than what is out there in the market. As the most designated product from Beats; Apple P.B Pro delivers excellent value for your money.

From the beginning of this article, we reviewed unboxing the device, and the look, design, and functionality of the device. As well as feature comparison including noise-canceling, connection, battery capacity, etc.

Moreover; we gathered experience and usability reviews users had on this headphone. Therefore, as a conclusion of this Apple Powerbeats pro review, we can say this is a device that is worth purchasing.