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With the development of VR technology, production of the VR devices got increased. Even way before this Oculus Rift S Review, we were excited those days to see the VR technology beaming down on us.

Almost every person on the planet thought the world is changing for a truly amazing all-new edition of tech with VR. Staring from much simpler platforms’ VR evolved to the like of gaming and with it. The world was spun around to the fact that in a few years we would be all in our worlds as the Spielberg’s Ready Player One.

But to our dismay, it didn’t come true. The mass of the enthusiast of the VR technology was stranded mostly as it became expensive with the Oculus and was a luxury to have. The feeling of being a necessity became that is ‘if you can afford it’s good’.

One of the major products that led us to think the way we did was when the Oculus Rift hit the shores. Now we are in 2020 and even the giant companies have taken somewhat of a hit and everything is becoming seemingly affordable.

Therefore, the main purpose of this Oculus Rift S review is to provide a clear understanding of this latest device in many aspects. We are hoping to explain the design, the setup of the device along with the specs, and an in-depth clarification on the display of this Oculus Rift S.

In fact, the improved display of the Rift S gives much more clarity on screen rather than what it used to be. Therefore, we thought it would be much beneficial for you to get an understanding of all these in one article before spending your money on it. Moving on to the Oculus Rift S Review specs and design.

Design, Specs, and Setup | Oculus Rift S Review


The Halo headband is now designed with much focus on your movements. The ergonomic design makes it feel comfortable but might weigh in a little at times if you are too much into the Oculus Rift S. it is also adjustable at the back to the size of your head width with a button to extend the box for a little for eye relief.

This is just a plug and plays release from Oculus without the complex setup for the most part. Download the software watch the mandatory training videos and you are off. Probably should mark some space around you so that you steer clear from any disturbances or running on to some trouble the recommended space is (6.5 feet x 6.5 feet). Putting on the headset for the first time gives you the basics that you want to know and makes your life with Oculus Rift S much easier.

The pass-through cameras are helpful when you need to know your surroundings better without hurting repeatable to the same object on and on. It gives you a passage to the real world in front of you in case you want to re-adjust your space, or you want to switch rooms.

What do we think about the Display?

The important part of the Oculus Rift S review is its display. The improved display of the Oculus Rift S gives much more clarity on screen rather than what it used to be. The density of pixels has been broad from the first Oculus you tried on and you can now clearly notice smaller objects compared to the Oculus Rift.

The Rift S is released with a single display with a resolution of 2560x 1,440 with a refresh rate of 80 Hz. While the original Oculus rift had two 1080×1200 pixel displays inside it with a refresh rate of 90 Hz. Though the refresh rate is seemingly less in the Oculus rift s, you can expect an outstanding experience with the Oculus rift s. The external features are sharp with much more recognizable small details. Kept side by side with the original Oculus you may not spot a difference at all.

Oculus Rift S Review on the Price

The Oculus Rift S is in its league being tethered through a PC; therefore, you might need to know where your limits are on moving and action while hooked up. But for its price tag, it has sailed over the line from being a luxury to a necessity and would say to go with the Oculus Rift S as it will give you a true VR experience that is up to the standard.

And this device also faces competition from other manufacturers such as HTC. When comparing with the HTC Vive Cosmos, Oculus customers can get the Rift S for a lesser price with the same basic feature set. And according to the customers you also can get inside out tracking and full stream support as well. Therefore, Rift S is a device that is worth the money and can be considered as a bargain too.

What current users think about this?

Many users had a positive impression of the Oculus Rift S. They highlighted the easiness to use the device and the surprisingly worthy price as the pros of purchasing and using the device. Not only that but also, not needing to use any external sensors was also listed as an advantage of the Rift S.

Performance, as also mentioned in this Oculus Rift S review was also at a high standard and the setting up of the device was quite quick according to the users. Some users noted that the speaker was not good enough compared with the market competitors. And as another disadvantage users listed that this device did not have an IPD slider.

Al in all, this device is worth the hype in the current VR market. In this Oculus Rift S review, we explained to you the design, specs, and even the setup of the device. And we discussed the major feature – the display in-depth along with the price comparison with market competitors.

The current user’s experience was also summarized for a better understanding before the final decision of whether this device is worth the buy. As our final review, we think if you are a VR enthusiast Oculus Rift S is a definite device you need to have with you.