How to make an espresso martini (3 simple steps) | Quickest and Simplest

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If you are a coffee lover and would love to test a strong yet sweet cocktail, then check the guide on how to make an espresso martini. It is a martini with creamy foam on top with a garnish of coffee beans on top. The espresso martini is a mandatory cocktail that a coffee lover should try. The espresso martini is also served as a dessert. This is one of the easiest cocktails that you can prepare for yourself or if you are looking to have a good impression on a dinner.

What you need to make an espresso martini

Here is how to make an espresso martini and what you need to prepare for this sweet martini, freshly brewed espresso is needed and for this the selection of coffee beans is important. In terms of liquor, you may need vodka and a coffee liqueur along with simple syrup and a cocktail shaker accompanied with a bit of ice. If all these are ready then let’s follow the steps on how to make an espresso martini.

The main ingredient is espresso and it needs to be perfect to achieve the perfect espresso martini. Therefore it is essential to follow the proper steps in preparing an authentic espresso for the martini. For this recipe, we prepared the espresso in a Moka pot and this doesn’t have to essentially be the method of choice. An espresso machine and Aeropress methods in addition will also provide you with quality espresso.

How to make an espresso martini

how-to-make-an espresso-martini
How to make a simple espresso martini


It is important that you let the espresso cool down after it is poured into the cup. This process is normally done because for the martini putting ice will add additional coldness therefore all the ingredients that are required for the recipe should be at the normal room temperature.


Next, you take the shaker and put in a few ice cubes followed by two ounces of vodka. Next, you pour half an ounce of coffee liqueur to improve the coffee flavor.  Followed by the simple syrup (which is optional) to amp the sweetness a bit more. Once again for some this might be optional, therefore your welcome to keep the simple syrup away.


Then comes the main ingredient with one ounce of espresso into the shaker. Shake it thoroughly this motion gives the fine outlook of the martini. The ice will gently melt and the sweetness will be balanced out in the process. Once it is done pour it into the glass through a strainer and if needed you can use espresso beans to garnish the drink.

Tips for a great espresso martini

The most important ingredient is the espresso beans, selected because the oxidizing qualities of espresso ground can affect the martini. It is important to minimize this effect and to select espresso beans that give a good taste.

When preparing the martini the crema on top is important and to retain it a good shake is necessary. The crema is formed when it is shaken thoroughly, this gives out the necessary oils of espresso to create foam on top where the rest of the martini is brushed through the foam when tasting.

For any martini presentation is key, therefore garnishing and pouring the martini elegantly will make the presentation of the beverage rich.

Why is an espresso martini garnished with espresso beans

Garnished with espresso beans

The espresso martini is always served with a garnish of three espresso beans to symbolize the traditional Italian gesture of health, wealth, and happiness. It is also optional for you to consume the beans if preferred.

Nutrition and facts of an espresso martini

In terms of other ingredients, the espresso martini may have 25g of sugar contained in it. The caffeine levels of an espresso can be very high and it is important to properly know how frequently you can consume such a drink. In one serving of an espresso martini, you will be able to find 302 calories minimum and 15.07g of alcohol.

Who created the espresso martini?

Dick Bradsell

The espresso martini was first introduced by a bartender named Dick Bradsell in London in the 1800s. A celebrity at the time came in and ordered a drink that can ”wake me up and f**k me up ” and the bartender improvised an espresso from the machine combined with vodka, coffee liqueur, and sugar thus its original name the “vodka espresso”. Back then most alcohol based drinks were served in a ‘v-shaped glass, therefore, named martini. Therefore, Bradsell changed the original name to an espresso martini.

This iconic story behind this splendid cocktail is why the espresso martini is revered around the world. Dick Brasell is one of the greatest bartenders who ever lived in the cocktail game. He is also famous for the creation of bramble and Russian spring punch. Bradsell passed away on February 27, 2016, in London. His cocktail specials will keep his legacy for the time to come.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How to make espresso martini frothy


    Froth of the espresso is mainly achieved by an espresso machine with milk based coffee also known as crema. To get the frothing you can simply use a french press to create the frothing or there are cocktail foam bottles that give a fine foam with 1-2 drops.

  2. What is the original espresso martini recipe

    Dick Bradsell used vodka, coffee liqueur, sugar, and a shot of espresso pulled from an espresso machine.

  3. Substitute for espresso martini without Kahlua

    Kahlua is mostly recommended for many coffee cocktails to bring a unique test. However, as an alternative use another liqueur or a strong shot of espresso or a liqueur syrup if you want to go alcohol free.

  4. Making the espresso martini with Baileys

    2oz of Baileys Espresso Creme Liqueur or 1.5oz Baileys Original Irish Cream can be used for this recipe if you intend to go with Baileys