How to Clean a French Press: 8 Effective Steps for Sparkling Perfection

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Why do we need a lecture on How to clean a French Press?

The most general rule in coffee is to clean your brewer or any of the surfaces before the coffee touches them. This will protect the coffee flavor, and the taste resulting in it perfect cup of coffee.

One of these coffee brewing methods is the French press. It is one of the most trusted manual coffee-making methods that are efficient in making quality coffee.

As with all coffee appliances, cleaning the French press will give a good cup of coffee in return, and lack of cleaning will result in excess oily surfaces that will compromise the quality of the coffee.

How to Clean a French Press


The simple method of cleaning requires not more than hot water, soap, a trash can, and the dirty French press coffee maker.

What not to do

If the French press maker is just after use with excess coffee grounds in it, most coffee users would dip their hand inside to get the coffee grounds and throw it away. However, this is not recommended, and there is an easy way out of this.

  • Fill the carafe, halfway and get a strainer, dump out the excess water quickly so that the coffee ground will remain on the strainer which you can easily throw into the trash or can be used for other purposes.
  • Then fill the carafe one more time, halfway with water, and get the excess grounds that are stuck and dump them out. Now you will have an oily café without any coffee grounds.
  • Then pour water again, the same way and put some soap into the water and put the plunger on top, and give a few presses to get it thoroughly cleaned all the surfaces should be cleaned by the plunger from oil.
  • Do this method a few more times so the plunger will be able to go through the whole surface of the carafe. Dump out the water and clean it with water again two times.
  • This will eventually give a clean surface. Then dry the surface out with a dry cloth and leave it to dry for the demo.

Tips to make it cleaner

  • Furthermore, you can step it up a notch and disassemble the French press and clean each and every accessory independently with soap, water, and a sponge which gives a thorough cleaning.
  • All the parts manufactured in the French press are dishwasher safe, so if you decide to give it another cleaning cycle.
  • Additionally, if the stains require deep cleaning then a baking soda solution and a little bit of dish soap mixed will get rid of the stains.
  • Properly scrubbed the services with the solution for a few seconds, and then leave it for around two minutes and follow the water cleaning process.
  • Assemble back the French press properly in the proper order if you followed the independent cleaning process.

The proper placement would be for the cross plate will be the lowest part with the mesh being the second and the spiral screen on the top connected with the plunger rod.

The French press is an important coffee brewing appliance to own. The French press allows you to prepare a range of coffee beverages from black coffee to lattes.

This manual mode of brewing presents unique and quality coffee as a result. Therefore make sure that your French press is cleaned regularly.