Echo Dot 4th Generation Review | Budget Smart Speaker

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Echo Dot 4th Generation has arrived with a stunning spherical shape look. Completely different from its predecessor the echo dot 3rd generation. With slightly better sound and a variety of built-in features like Alexa, smart home features, outstanding listening capability. Here’s the Echo Dot 4th generation review and a comprehensive look into the all-new budget speaker.

With the onboard house security via Alexa guard, after a successful all-around performance from the 3rd generation echo dot (released in 2018); which bears a flatter design, the echo dot 4th generation has raised to the occasion with some effective new features over the previous generation.

Price and Availability Echo Dot 4th Generation Review

The Amazon Echo dot is now available in three categories. On which carries the standard model. Another version including a built-in clock and the Kids edition with a cute tiger and panda design.

Echo Dot 4th Generation speaker is well ahead of any budget speaker

Though the echo dot comes with revamped features; it is only thereby a small margin compared with its older buddy the Echo Dot 3rd generation. But with Amazon performing exceptionally from a sales point of view. This speaker stands well ahead of any budget speaker; that is now available in the market and might be available for even less in the future.

Design and Features of the Echo Dot 4th Generation


The echo dot 4th generation was released with a similar shape to its big brother the echo. Both sharing a design like a balloon that is slightly out of air. The new design is designed to be a part of your living room or your bedroom; rather than its older model which simply looked ordinary to any room.

The Echo dot includes a rough fabric to cover while the base is matte plastic and with the flat surface below preventing it from unexpected falls and rolls from surfaces. At 3.5 inches tall the new Echo – Dot is the size of a baseball; yet twice the size of its old friend Echo Dot 3rd Generation Model.

Most speakers nowadays include designing concepts to maximize their sound capabilities; rather than any other built-in feature that is available on the device. The Amazon Echo dot is designed to give surround sound capability with its spherical design which has somewhat sound quality compared to the 3rd generation model [more on this later]. But with this design, there are flaws when it comes to daily use.

Compared to the Echo Dot 3rd generation the new Echo dot 4th Generation is harder to be mounted to a wall. With its spherical design adding some complications to the mounting, Though there are a notable amount of wall mounts available on amazon for the new Echo dot 4th Generation, Our thought is to go with its 3rd Generation of your priority is wall mount in the first place. Let’s take a brief look at the colors and the controls in the Echo Dot 4th generation review.

Colors and Controls of the New Echo Dot 4th Generation

The new Echo Dot is available in three colors charcoal, glacier white, and twilight blue flavors. Though colors vary the power cord comes in only white which is quite upsetting. A 3.5mm jack is available at the back. The new Dot is with volume up/down, mic mute, and action buttons. It peeks out from the fabric at the top of the speaker, and the buttons are tightly grouped.

The LED light illuminates when Alexa is listening and is bright it shines through surfaces which gives an additional touch of splendor to the device. The volume up/down indicating is also synced with the same LED light and grows its length or shrink according to preference, though it’s a little inaccessible visually with the spherical shape.

Specification : Sound, Setup and Variations

  • The sound of echo dot 4th generation has no leap effect from the previous 3rd Generation, yet there is a slight difference if you compare the models side by side. The size and power are the same as before and it does not have stereo as the Echo. You pair two dots into a stereo configuration but can’t be done across generations meaning that you would have to buy 4th generation models for the stereo setup.
  • With no real-time room tuning and Dolby audio processing the dot remains to be just up there with the previous generation but not passed it; maybe slightly in sound quality though. But for any buyer who is comparing the Google Nest mini and Amazon Echo dot ; we can arguably say that the Echo dot is a clear front runner between the two.
  • Of all the Echo variations the most preferred variations are the Echo dot with LED display built-in. The fact that this remains the most preferred is because of the convenience it shows as a nightstand as well as an alarm clock that is programmable by voice. LED displays the time by default and can indicate the outside temperature when requested. It also gives out the volume information from 1-10 as you adjust it.

Kids Edition of the Echo Dot

The Kids Edition Echo Dot is in its league, with its tiger or panda designs and baseball size. Included with a year of Amazon’s Kids Plus service (formerly known as FreeTime Unlimited) that provides access to kid-friendly audiobooks, skills, and games, as well as parental controls. Amazon will also replace the Kids Edition for free within two years of purchase if your kid starts playing around and get a kick or two in.

The echo dot 4th generation remains the best budget speaker if you just entering the world of speakers. For its value, the Echo dot offers exceptional sound quality and features. All the Alexa features included controlling the smart home gadget, alarm, music and even functioning as an intercom between rooms.

But design-wise if the shape of the orb bothers you in any way (which I hardly think it will) the old dot is seemingly efficient and would recommend buying it before it runs its course in the stocks.