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Starting with the most popular contestant on Amazon, the Cosori air fryer Max XL. This air fryer was previously featured in one of our articles as the best-rated air fryer of 2022.

Since then, this air fryer has been one of the air fryers that we were eager to review in detail. This air fryer is popular among most of the consumers who have used many air fryers in the past. This air fryer has been the one appliance that has stuck with them for a long time. Even after being almost the user favorite to this day, Cosori air fryers come with updates to the original such as a Wi-fi enabled partner.

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Design Look and Feel

From the first glimpse, you see a stylistic air fryer with the trademark slide tray and an eye-catching digital display on top. The black exterior and the fine finish are add-ons for the kitchen counter. The slide tray handle is smooth and did not go through any difficulties opening and closing.

The air fryer design itself is not the supportive kind to the 5.8-quart size that it has. Most of us would need a design that goes with the capacity, but with the Cosori air fryer, Max XL does not exactly have that element. But make no mistake even this is no problem when it comes to its cooking. Of course, you can cook in batches if you need much more quantity. This is just a recommendation that may become handy added to its performance.

However, the Cosori air fryer also comes with a sibling which is Wi-Fi enabled. But sadly, the Max XL does not contain this feature. You can purchase the Wifi enabled Cosori below.

Included items and accessories

Cosori air fryer Max XL is a mainly targeted product for a family. The space available on the 5.8-quart tray is enough for a 5-pound chicken making it one of the air fryers that a family of four or more would prefer. A recipe book is also provided with the air fryer which contains 100 recipes.

One thing to look for in the air fryer Max XL is the detachable non-stick tray that makes it easier to clean and place food without worries.

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Cosori Air Fryer Max XL Special features


Apart from being the most popular option on amazon for air fryers with over 60k reviews worldwide, Cosori air fryer Max XL is the go-to option for a family to get their hands on an air fryer that can manage large amounts of food yet appear simple and elegant.

The air fryer is known for its overall quality performance in cooking meals. From crispy French fries to 5-pound chicken the air fryer truly delivers what is expected. In rare cases, you may find reviews that say the food was not what they expected, but the majority of the reviewers, mostly all of them have given a good rating on the cooking for the air fryer.

In fact, this air fryer is known for its cooking ability. Also gives a lot of various cooking options and almost all of them turn out great. The air fryer is enough for a family and with the extra cooking performance, Cosori air fryer is on the top list.

The air fryer is surprisingly silent at work. You can barely hear the air circulating inside the fryer, other than that it is efficiently silent. The air fryer also does a great job in emitting heat, even after you cook a relatively large meal the air fryer does not seem to emit heat from it is outer cover. However, be careful with the tray when you are sliding it out, as the air fryer generates a good amount of heat inside within a few minutes.


With most of the air fryers, it takes much time to get used to the operation manual and the controls present in the fryer. But with the Ninja air fryer Max XL this is not the case, the air fryer is ready as soon as it is out of the box, and thanks to the recognizable button configuration, you do not need to waste any time to learn, you can start cooking your favorite dishes right from the start.

The cookbook or may call it the recipe book you receive from the Cosori air fryer Max XL is worth a shot. Most of the air fryer manufacturers include this feature just to get the attention of the consumer, with Cosori the cookbook seems to deliver much more than the attention. Every recipe included may not need hard and sorted ingredients, just recipes that you can get started right away.  

Usability and Convenience | Cosori Air Fryer Max XL

In terms of design and structure, the air fryer is bulkier, but the accessibility paves off for the most part. The display is wide and spread evenly to see clearly what options you may configure. Likewise, the time and the temperature are combined in the button and you can increase or decrease according to preference.

The Cosori air fryer max XL comes with 13 cooking presets, Preheat, and Keep Warm. All the presets are presented in the display and are allocated to a separate button, the air fryer also shuts down if you draw out the tray. The digital display of the Cosori air fryer bears no disappointment for the user and makes a day in life easier.

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Product specifications of the air fryer 

  • Voltage: AC 120V, 60Hz
  • Power: 1700W
  • Capacity: 5.8 Quarts / 5.5 Liters (serves 3-5)
  • Temp Range: 170-400°F (77-205°C)


The Cosori air fryer Max XL is a great option for a family of four. The air fryer offers a much wider space than most air fryers. It does a good job at cooking overall and Cosori recommends a 5-pound chicken on its tray, which is a rare sight to come across on-air fryers. The air fryer is truly a significant air fryer that is consumer efficient and mostly handles common user problems with ease. The Cosori air fryer Max XL has impressed us in its cooking and as well as the turn out of the brilliant recipes. The air fryer is certainly proved its worth and is a preferred air fryer for your kitchen.