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Starting our Bose Sport Earbuds review with a comparison from the early runner. If you are using the Bose sound sport-free. You may want to consider the new competitor Bose Sport Earbuds succeeding after the Bose SoundSport Free.

The Bose Sport Earbuds have a difference compared to the Bose SoundSport Free. The Bose SoundSport free constantly drops out when using, while the new sport earbuds tend to this issue by giving you flawless music.

Yet the only downside is the controls compared to SoundSport Free. The SoundSport has some next-level controls when it comes to convenience, let you control playback, access your smart assistant, and control the volume. You do not find these in the newest addition. The only upside is the automatic pause detection from the right-side ear.

The Bose Sport Earbuds are made for the people at the Gym, but perfectly blends to the natural nature of things as well.

Bose is renowned for its sound and in a league of its own, yet there were downsides when it came to the Bose Sound Sport with constant drops of connection, therefore the new Bose sport earbuds have been introduced with more likely to be preferred for its predecessor.

Who want the Bose Sport Earbuds?

If you are a gym superhero you might want to consider the Bose Sport Earbuds and if you are an athlete with intense workouts this is made for you. It is because of the IPAX4 rating the Bose Sport Earbuds carry which will not affect sweat or water. So, you are good to go.

Wearing the Bose Sport Earbuds at the gym and office and pretty much anywhere is convenient, the Bose engineers had done a great job in making sure that the earbuds a perfectly placed in design in-ear, and look more firmly placed.

If you are not the type of person who is active in that way it still will be great for you as it stays in your ear with an in-built mic so I can have true freedom when answering calls or enjoying music.

Design | Bose Sport Earbuds Review


With rounds and ovals, the Bose sport earbuds have an extremely smooth touch of finish to their design no sharp edge can be found anywhere from the case to the earbuds themselves. It is designed with a plastic outer shell which will be useful when it comes to additional weight weighing on ears from earbuds. The Sport earbuds protrude from the ear yet can’t be recognized or does to appear odd as the SoundSport Free.

The Bose Sport Earbuds both have the touch panel outside, with the right bud built-in sensor for automatic pause detection when removed, the right earbud also gives way to the volume adjustments and double tap for play/pause as well mentioned senor detection of the right earbud.

StayHear Max tips are well in front of what they are expected to do. The ear tips make sure they stay on under any circumstance. Designed for heavy workout sessions you may not need to be worried about the fit as the stay hear max tips delivered. Although in some cases users may find it uncomfortable according to their choice.

The case makes an exceptional case with its lever lock it stays shut if you go through an accidental fall. Most cases you find in the true wireless earphones are magnetically attached and are more convenient, but I prefer safety over convenience when it comes to the case any day. Next up in the Bose sport earbuds review, the battery life.

Battery Life

The buds last over 5 hours in average use. Fast charging availability for it extends its playback time to two hours with 15 mins on the clock. To fully charge the earbuds takes around two hours while the case needs three hours. Now, this is not exactly the time span you want to see from a Bose product but maybe manufacturing to the needs for the more active crowd, changes to the sound quality may add to this drain of battery life.

Sound Quality | Bose Sport Earbuds Review

It has a typical sound quality that is much strong on the mids but slighter on the bass compared to other earbuds. Isolation is not to peak with the earbuds which you can expect with sport earbuds which give you awareness of the surroundings as well. You may enjoy the classical touch compared to the high bass songs when it comes to Bose Sport Earbuds. Vocals and instruments can be clear cut while mids will be relatively high compared to other market competitors.

The quality of sound compared to the Apple Power beats pro is in the same range, with Apple having the edge over the wearable feature. Yet Bose does also have tremendous qualities when it comes to wearable tech.

However, Bose the sound quality of calls is a little bit out of touch as it only supports mono sounds for calls (audio only conveys on the right). The call quality is, of course, good, and can hear the caller clearly, but as with the mono feature if you are in a noisier environment you could rarely identify the details of the call. Looking in to the pros and cons in our Bose sport earbuds review.

Comfortable, secure fitNo Bluetooth multipoint
Fast charging, USB-C caseBose Music app required to switch between devices
IPX4 water-resistanceLacks in-app EQ and ambient aware mode
Active EQSBC and AAC only, no aptX
Autoplay/pause (right bud only)Price
Mono listening (right bud only)
Noise Cancelling Microphone

Should you buy it?

With companies like Apple and Samsung leading the market trend with good features and more powerful battery life, you can say you might expect more. But to the price point and as sport earbuds Bose has done a good job compared to the SoundSport.

If you are after a true noise canceling experience I would not recommend Bose Sport Ear Buds, but if you don’t mind the occasional interference then this delivers good sound quality and may simply step up to the task. It is certainly one of the review worthy product and that’s why we featured the Bose sport earbuds review

The connection drops are minimum and the sound quality is good. It might be more to the deal price rather than features with the Bose Sport Earbuds. Might be worthwhile if you can catch them at a good deal price, as the price point currently is a little on the high side.