It’s 2022 and we are way over the wired headsets now. With wireless technology and active noise cancelling the earbuds have come a long way. Since the famous AirPods launched the earbuds became the next generation of wireless audio. But since then many earbuds have been launched which are much more prominent in audio and wearable tech.

Here we review the best wireless earbuds Reddit has recommended. It’s a daunting task to find the best wireless earbuds that suit a specific requirement. Wireless earbuds have properties of awareness and also ANC features. But however, there are instances where both of these features are needed. Therefore choosing the best is a bit of an impossible task in nature to defer from one individual to another.


Sony WF-1000MX4 Earbuds Review

By far the best wireless earbuds that you can purchase right now. The powerful ANC and isolation make these earbuds more prominent. Sub-bass and mids are very well emphasized and with the equalizer setting the earbuds can reach new levels.


Samsung Galaxy Buds 2

The Galaxy Buds 2 are playful in design. If the fit is confirmed then these earbuds have the potential to be your favorite isolation earbuds. Clear and crisp sounds and handle sub-bass frequencies and mids very well. Hypersensitive is one major downfall.


Apple AirPods Pro

Best AirPods by far. The AirPods Pro is excellent in terms o sound quality handling low and mids with a bit high emphasis on bass, yet with spatial audio this delivers. Not the best noise-canceling feature. Seamless connectivity for iOS users.


Sennheiser Momentum True Wireless 2

In terms, of design and fit Sennheiser will be on top. Since wearability is being the focus of the design, the quality of sound is slightly less compared to the normal Sennheiser audio. The Bass is slightly amplified and has good noise canceling.


Apple AirPods 3rd Generation

If you don’t want to spend the extra buck for the Pros then the AirPods 3rd generation is your best bet. Much like the AirPods Pro, the design gives a good fit. For noise-canceling not recommended. Less emphasis on bass and more towards clarity on vocals. If you own an AirbudsPro then do not consider it.

Sony WF-1000MX4 Earbuds Review


When earbuds are heard the first that comes to our mind are the long-standing Airpods and Airpods Pro. As far as wireless earbuds go there are many brands catching up to the market as an alternative to Apple’s mighty Airpods. One of them is Sony WF-1000XM4.

Design of Sony WF-1000MX4

As we discussed in a previous review of the usability and convenience of the Sony WF-1000MX4 headphone the earbuds do not fall short of the same. The most highlighted feature is the noise-canceling, sound quality, and user-friendly nature of the earbuds. The earbuds are designed in a much more fitting and unique size which is much smaller than the previous versions. The Capacitive touch and sweat resistance bring are what make this stand out from most of the earbuds.

XM4’s is now wirelessly charging flawlessly with the Qui-compatible pads. USB C will assist you when it comes to charging wire.  


The V1 chip inside the Sony WF-1000XM4 manages power very well. With all these features the battery life stays intact and delivers what’s promised. The touch-sensitive controls are smooth and allow good control.

The Sony WF-100XM4 like its headphones seals a better fit around your years. This guarantees a clear sound while canceling noise-out and it is much accessible to get great performance while the foam tips give great noise-canceling features.

Installing the app will give you better control over the sound while choosing not to doesn’t really matter, just that it will give out a punchy bass and this is quite a feature that is integrated into the XM4’s to cancel out noise in the background.

Bass and the mids are very well emphasized in the Sony XM4’s so with the app and the equalizer maybe you can achieve a bit more clarity on high notes. The Sony 1000XM4’s lacked a bit of recognition on the high but the equalizer app does give the freedom to handle it. Also, if you are in need to get spatial audio Sony supports its 360 reality audio which is supported in Amazon Music, Tidal, and Deezer.

When talking about the noise cancellation of the Sony WF-1000XM4. The active noise cancellation feature works efficiently while the memory foam tips which are thicker and a bit oddly fitting, seal your ear extremely well. So, the memory foam tips themselves do a quite good job of isolation and also enable to block off any noise that is coming from the surround when you might be in the subway, city, or office.


To summarize the quality of the active noise canceling feature of XM4’s is that the memory foam itself does half of the job while the ANC feature quietly does the rest which in return will give you a great noise-canceling feature for the Sony XM4, which means it will prevent you from damaging your ears. Much like the headphones, you can also allow the earbuds to let the surrounding sound draw in with its ambient sound feature. Additionally, speak to chat feature also helps when you want to chat with somebody in the natural environment so that the earbuds will pause and let your voice have prominence.

Battery Life

In terms of battery life, Sony WF-1000XM4 did a great job compared to most other earbuds on the market right now. With a full battery, the XM4 can last up to eight hours, and also the case itself can be used to charge it around 1-3 times depending on how busy your lifestyle is. however, being a regular commuter, we always found that the case itself was enough to get us through five days while on the weekends it allows charging.


The Sony WF-1000XM4 is an overall great wireless earbud compared to most of its premium competitor earbuds that are in the market right now however the price point is not what a consumer would expect. If you don’t mind the price point, I think this would be one of the good quality earbuds that you can get on the market right now and features like active noise canceling and also the battery life and as well as the usability convenience, make these earbuds more efficient and effective.

Samsung Galaxy Buds 2 | Best Wireless Earbuds Reddit

Design Samsung Galaxy Buds 2

The Samsung galaxy buds 2 is designed to fit easily with a rather outgoing design. The galaxy buds plus did not make much of an impression, but the wingtips it contained made sure that they stick perfectly. The Samsung galaxy buds 2 does not come with ear tips where the fit won’t be as much as the plus. Although we do not recommend these earbuds for the workout, it is also designated with an IPX2 water-resistant rating. Still, the fit of them is questionable, especially during a workout.

Since you can expect a complex user initiative control from Samsung, the earbuds themselves feature automatic play/pause when removing the earbuds. Although after inserting you need to tap to play. However, this was the most irritating feature we find on Samsung that the sensitivity of the touch panels of both earbuds is much higher resulting in a series of pausing and skip tracks when trying to adjust the earbuds. The lack of ear tips makes them slightly slip off after a prolonged time. So, adjusting them is a constant irritation that never ends.

The charging case bears no complaints whatsoever. The design itself is not different from the galaxy buds plus case and the case has a good feel with ease of access to the earbuds. LEDs are placed on both the inside and the outside, where one indicates the earbud’s battery and the other show the battery left in the case respectively.

Performance and Sound Quality

At first, wearing the Galaxy buds 2 the response to almost every track is pleasing with a clear frequency. You get a bass boost towards the mids but never damage or mask the true tone of the track. We found the quality is much more accurate to pick up the slightest instrument and the vocals are clear and crisp with the Galaxy buds 2.

As always critical listening can’t be achieved with earbuds so analyzing tracks based on critical responses is irrelevant Samsung Galaxy Buds 2 did a great job in providing a much more stable form of music with a slight bass boost and we loved it.

Noise Cancelling

Compared to the galaxy buds pro-noise-canceling and isolation is far more superior. If you get a good fit for the galaxy buds 2 then the ANC feature makes a difference where you can notice a slight difference when enabling ANC. Halfway into the ear, the noise cancellation feature cancels out any low-frequency sounds.

For most listeners, the ANC and isolation solely depend on the fit that you get with the earbuds and this is why it is essential to have the ear tips which lack so much in keeping a regular fit.

Battery Life

You can easily get up to 5 hours of battery life with the Samsung galaxy buds 2 with ANC enabled whilst the charging case will give you a 15-hour boost. What our team loved the most was the fact that you can get 50-60 min of playback time with a 5-minute charge. Wireless charging, power-sharing, and the wired option. All 3 modes are available for charging which makes life with Samsung buds pro much easier.


Galaxy Buds 2 will be our first preference earbuds when considering their price point and features. Consistent sound with the IPX2 rating and fast charging the Galaxy Buds 2 contain the perfect package for everyday use minus the workouts and sudden drop to water etc. If the touch sensitivity panels are not so hyper-sensitive, then these would be the ideal earbuds all day long. The ANC and isolation are much better compared to the Galaxy buds plus.

Apple AirPods Pro


Design Apple AirPods Pro

From the third generation itself, there’s a huge difference for the Apple AirPods Pro the sound signature of Apple AirPods Pro is designed to be heard in a unique way from one individual to another it is equalized from one individual to another. With active noise cancellation enable the AirPods Pro will bring a big difference compared to the sound quality in the third generation and second-generation AirPods

Performance and Sound

However, it is the lower end that still lacks some performance compared to the Powerbeats Pro which is also synced with Apple‘s H1 chip. However, relatively to the second generation and third generation AirPods, AirPods Pro stands out with its performance. Drum kicks and deep synthesis of some codes will definitely be heard yet you’re going to be missing some sub-bass frequencies.

Apple AirPods Pro does a great job in producing vocals with clarity and clear soundtracks however because of this feature some highs will be disregarded and won’t be heard for some songs. This will be an issue but all in all, it won’t be noticed. You can also notice a slight dip in emphasis of mids as a result of this.

Noise Cancelling

Noise-canceling was a bit of an issue with all the AirPods released so far and earbuds like XM4’S do a better job in the ANC category. With the AirPods Pro you can get a decent amount of noise-canceling, but won’t be able to zone out some of the high rumblings of planes and trains. But for iOS with the seamless compatibility and the fine connection retention, this would be a better choice.

Two microphones are placed outside of the earbud to measure sound with the ANC feature. Although it does the job it’s not quite up to the mark yet in our opinion. But bear in mind the AirPods do rather efficient work on active noise cancellation.

Spatial audio is fairly new yet does a fancy job. The spatial audio is designed to move according to your head movement. Some tracks which are classics will sound better and for some, it will be a bit unpleasant.

Battery Life

The Airpods stay slightly above the curve in terms of battery life. Close to 4 hours and 45 minutes the AirPods lasted with constant playback and ANC. The handy and slick charging case will give you a boost of up to 24-hour charge and the case is fully compatible with MagSafe and Qi wireless chargers.

Charging may involve a bit of hassle where you only get a lightning jack to a USB C-type cable. So wherever you take the AirPods it will also accompany you. This may frustrate the android users and the old versions of the iPhone which does not feature a lightning jack. Therefore we recommend staying clear of this.


If you are looking for an earbud which lasts long and if that period is around 1-2 years then this would be much suited. But otherwise, these are not viable options in terms of longevity.

If you are an iPhone user or a Mac then this would be the ideal pair of earbuds given the ease of connectivity and the seamless operation. But if you are an android user stay clear and consider XM4’s instead. It is why these are the best wireless earbuds Reddit has recommended for iOS users.

Sennheiser Momentum True Wireless 2



In terms of appearance considering most of the competitors, the Sennheiser Momentum True Wireless earbuds are by far the best. A combination of metal and matte finish does give out the premium look. 

Added to it the charger case comes with a cloth-covered casing which is a bit heavy compared to most earbud cases and with use this may not be a wise idea as the tendency to be dirty is much higher.

As soon as one earbud is removed it will be searching for the paired device or an intended target. Once you put them back in it will immediately stop the connection. This is a real power saver considering the previous Sennheiser versions.

Performance and Sound

As always you can guarantee a degree of quality audio output with Sennheiser products and it’s the same principle with the Momentum wireless as well. However, since the design element of Sennheiser is unique to minimize the discomfort in wearable tech, some perks have been reduced.

If you get a good fit then the performance of these earbuds directly depends on it. It’s not limited to ANC and noise cancellation it also impacts how it will sound.

Sennheiser is much focused on clarity generally but you can expect a sudden emphasis on the bass throughout the tracks. If you are enjoying songs like Dance Monkey, then Momentum wireless is a great fit. Keep in mind that equalizer won’t do much of a difference here. Overall, the lows and mids are much more stable but the high mids tend to lose some clarity when it comes to instruments such as guitars in high frequencies.

Noise Cancelling

You can’t expect a complete noise cancellation with earbuds as the purpose of design is to let you have an extent of ambient noise to prevent you from any harm that will occur from the surrounding. There is not much of a difference that you can get from Sennheiser even with noise-canceling is enabled.

Battery Life

With a slightly reduced dB and ANC turned off we managed to edge off 5 hours and 30 mins and with these features turned on you can expect something around 4 hours max. This is not much of an impression considering the amount of battery life that generally competitors provide.


If you want a decent earbud with somewhat of a budgeted price and trusted sound efficiency then Sennheiser is undoubtedly the option to choose. There are no major hit backs with these pair apart from the noise canceling and battery life.

Apple AirPods (3rd Generation)

Design Apple AirPods 3rd Generation

The new Apple AirPods third generation is most likely a combination of the AirPods that we had in 2019 and the AirPods Pro, so what you get is a combination of those two, and the new third-generation AirPods again comes in white with shorter stems which is probably what consumers needed and white being the only color option that the iOS somehow only can provide.

The charging case is smaller than usual but a little bit lengthy. However, the same magnetic placing and the snap case are present. In terms of portability, these will be the best earbuds that you will get on the market right now where the case and the earbuds itself highly convenient for you and can fit into your smaller pocket.

Like all the Apple products the AirPods functionality relies on iOS and you can get the best out of it from an iPhone or iMac. However, if you want to connect to an android device then this might not be as convenient as some other earbuds on the market right now where you have to manually click the power button and hold it near your phone to connect.

Spatial audio gives a new outlook for the AirPods. Well, it is providing surround sound yet opens up a new level of music but the technology is fairly new and at times it may differ where the original track is much more clarity. But have to admit this is a new way of listening to classical music with this new feature.

Performance AirPods (3rd Generation)

Sound quality compared to most of the headphones the Apple AirPods sound quality is not what we expect if you love bass responses then this may not be the ideal earbuds for you to purchase as the bass frequencies are not prominent therefore you may end up pushing the AirPods against your ear which makes it even worse.

Apple earbuds have more clarity and detail on the upside and if you are an iOS user then you get to equalize the AirPods through Apple Music EQ. 


The third-generation Apple AirPods specifically increased its battery life compared to the Apple AirPods pro and as well as the second-generation AirPods. It lasted closely around five hours and 53 minutes but this can also extend around six hours. This is a noticeable improvement in terms of battery life compared to the other AirPods.


The Apple AirPods third generation does no good for isolation and it is mostly damaging the sound quality as well as the price point that you may pay for noise cancellation.

Also, on the plus side awareness of your surrounding may prevent you from endangering yourself in the busiest city or a street. But there are times when you do not need awareness and noise cancellation in those places would not be great with the AirPods third generation.


If you own an AirPods pro, then we don’t recommend purchasing the 3rd generation AirPods. The lack of noise cancellation and the irregular fit at times is not the best option if you are hoping for an upgrade. But if you’re short on budget then you can grab these Airpods at a low price mostly during the holiday season.


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