Best Single Serve Coffee Maker Without Pods

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Here we review the best single serve coffee maker without pods. Recently, pods have been disregarded in the world of coffee as the pollution of the environment was a concern. The number of pods consumed within a single day or a week can harm the surroundings, and the threat is rising exponentially.

Most of these coffee makers are utilized in a busy environment to prepare a single cup of coffee as soon as possible and therefore these coffee makers cannot substitute the traditional coffee makers or espresso machines semi-automatic and super automatic.

Brewing coffee and getting an authentic cup of coffee is a complicated process and it consumes time. Coffeemakers are manufactured to eliminate the time consumed and to allow consumers to enjoy a splendid coffee as soon as possible. 

Feature Snippets; Best Single Serve Coffee Maker Without Pods


Technivorm Cup One Coffee Brewer

If accuracy and consistency are key to your coffee then Technivorm Cupe One Brewer is for you. With the renowned quality of coffee makers to ideal settings, Cup One Brewer will give you a flavourful coffee within four minutes.


BLACK and DECKER Brew N’ Go Coffeemaker

If you are in need of quick coffee the Black and Decker coffeemaker is what you need. With the reusable filter, you can eliminate the hassle of paper filters. Brewing your 15-ounce travel mug is perfect for a busy day.


Ninja CFP301 DualBrew System

Ninja offers you the luxury of a coffee variety while brewing your coffee fast and consistently. With the option of a milk frother, you can prepare your milk-based drinks with ease. Ninja offers a compact design with a variety of prepared options.


Hamilton Beach Scoop Single Serve Coffee Maker

With a double filter, Hamilton Beach brews your coffee with consistency. Coupled with a scoop that fits the brew group Hamilton Beach makes it much easier to prepare your coffee. The compact design and convenience are key in Hamilton Beach Scoop.

Technivorm Cup One Coffee Brewer


The Technivorm cup one coffee brewer is designed for a quick cup of coffee on a busy day. The Technivorm cup one will give you a cup of coffee in under four minutes while preserving the extraordinary qualities and the taste of the coffee. The Technivorm cup one coffee brewer is designed to give the proper extraction and the intensity for the coffee while the cone-shaped blue basket will allow water over the ground coffee giving you an ideal ratio for the coffee to be dispensed into your cup.

The main feature of the Technivorm Moccamaster lineup is the copper heating element with every coffee maker. The cup one coffee brewer also has the copper heating element bringing the water temperature to the ideal range of 196 F to 205 F degrees under five minutes. This is the perfect temperature for any type of coffee extraction.

Water is pulsed through the cup in one outlet in a single stream to the coffee grounds. There is no showerhead in the Technivorm cup one coffee brewer instead they have the cup one outlet.

Although the functions are relatively easy to go through and you get the simple switch on and off button, you will not be able to enjoy a pre-brewed coffee when you wake up as there a no programmable options in the Technivorm Moccamaster cup one coffee brewer.

It’s hard to find a negative element in Technivorm coffee makers other than its price point where it will cost you a bit more than some of the single-serve coffee makers in the market currently. Also, Moccamaster will not be able to brew a variety of coffee options such as iced coffee for some coffee lovers. However, this price point reflects the quality of the coffee extraction process and output of the coffee maker where you get to enjoy a quality beverage.


  • Precision brewing
  • Proper extraction
  • Ideal temperature range
  • Ease of use
  • Quality coffee


  • No programmable features
  • Carafes not supported
  • Expensive
  • Less brew variety

BLACK and DECKER Brew N’ Go Coffeemaker


Black & Decker brew and go coffee maker is a compact design coffee maker that is manufactured for a single serve and a double effectively. The brew performance of the Black & Decker coffee maker certainly impresses with its cup of flavourful coffee. There was odd-tasting coffee in some instances but once the input was given some consideration it was back to normal. 

It has a reusable filter which comes in handy if you are traveling with this coffee maker. However, it takes a bit of time to get used to the amount of coffee and water that goes into the coffee filter as it will overflow if too much coffee is inside. The coffee maker is hassle-free when it comes to brewing your coffee and has a 15-ounce thermos stainless steel travel mug that comes in handy if you want to grab it and leave.

You get push control buttons and then an LCD display that gives you the necessary information and the indicator light will signal that the coffee maker is ready for the process. The Black and Decker coffee maker also features an automatic shut-off button where it gives you the freedom to not worry as it turns off automatically after brewing your coffee.

The coffee maker is also dishwasher safe and because it does not necessarily make a mess it is a lot easier to clean than most coffee makers. It is designed for personal use specifically therefore durability is much higher for the price that it is offered.


  • Compact coffee maker
  • Quick brew
  • Reusable filter
  • Easy to clean


  • Coffee runs cold after a while
  • Less coffee capacity
  • Not consistent
  • Less brew variety

Ninja CFP301 DualBrew System


The Ninja CFP201 dual brew system is a compact and versatile coffee maker that has done the small things right in the design. The control panel is efficiently designed where you get a rotary dial in the middle selecting your cup size and when not in use it displays the time.

You also get 9 cup sizes to brew your ground coffee and 4 sizes when brewing through cups. A small circular indication around the dial gives a sense of the brewing duration to complete. The four brew styles classic, rich, over ice, and specialty was a nice touch that Ninja has introduced to the dual brew. 

One of the convenient controls that we found is the coffee spout. It is coupled with a switch where it can cut off coffee when the switch is closed. This will allow you to pour a quick cup of coffee and switch it off where no amount of coffee will be spilled onto the dripping tray to avoid making a mess.

The option to make a variety of drinks from the Ninja CFP 301 dual brew is really impressive. On the left side, you get a milk frother if you want to make a milk-based drink such as espresso or latte. You can also dispense water from two selected temperatures: boil and hot separately. The functionality that supports the coffee brewing was impressive in the Ninja dual brew system and even though it supports cups it is a machine that should be on your radar when considering single serve coffee makers.


  • Compact design
  • A variety of coffee
  • Customizable to a certain extent
  • Milk frother


  • Build quality
  • A bit too noisy
  • Different adapters for k-cup

Hamilton Beach Scoop Single Serve Coffee Maker


The Hamilton Beach scoop single serve coffee maker is a stainless steel compact coffee maker that is designed for an individual cup of coffee with ease. Like the title, you get a scope that gives you a perfect measurement of the coffee that goes into your coffee maker. On the top of the coffee maker, you get two parts. The first part which is in the back is where the water container is located, in the front part the brewing assembly is located and where the coffee goes in.

The scoop goes into the brew unit and the drip tray can be flipped over if it’s a single cup of coffee. This will reduce the space between the drip and the cup. It’s a simple process that takes around 2-3 minutes to brew your cup of coffee where you take the coffee ground and fill in the scoop.

Then you can place the scoop on the brew group with the handle facing the front. Fill the water that is necessary for the water reservoir. Then you can select from two options; which are regular and bold, then simply get a cup of coffee within a minute or two.

However, we noticed that Hamilton Beach tends to get a little slower when dripping the coffee and when it comes to a busy day this coffee maker will consume a bit of time and make it a bit irritating. This might be due to the double filter feature in the scoop basket and in the filter holder.

Once the coffee is done the indicator will switch off. You can also brew a full-size travel mug of 14oz within 3-4 minutes. The heat range of the coffee maker is 170 F degrees and this may be a simple drawback of the machine. But if you are not looking for espresso temperatures then this will be perfect. Easy to clean and dishwasher safe parts.


  • Compact setup
  • Double filter brew setup
  • The cone feature is convenient
  • Travel mug size is available


  • No Variety
  • Coffee consumes a bit of time
  • Not the ideal temperature

Our choice

For the most part, the goal of getting a single-serve coffee maker can be;

  • To purchase a coffee maker within a small budget 
  • To get a splendid coffee every time without too many complications
  • To be compact and user-friendly

Based on these criteria we recommend the Hamilton Beach Scoop Single Serve Coffee Maker. However, all the other picks can excel in many other options than the preferred. Therefore it is important to pick the best single serve coffee maker without pods to suit your coffee needs. For example, if a consumer needs a quality cup of coffee if budget is not an issue the Technivorm Cup-One will be a fine pick.