7 Best Coffee Beans for Espresso | A Buying Guide | Espresso Guide

Choosing the best beans for the task is crucial for the taste. Therefore we are featuring the best coffee beans for espresso to your coffee selection much easier.
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An espresso of the coffee world has become the most significant coffee for most of the coffee lovers out there and even for the coffee newbies. An espresso is easily the most favorite preferred brewing method for the most part.

Getting the perfect espresso is a challenge and choosing the best beans for the task is crucial for the taste. Therefore we are featuring the best coffee beans for espresso to make your coffee selection much easier. To get a personalized coffee at your home, it’s not just down to the coffee beans but also the espresso machines or grinders that you are choosing. It’s not a single factor that contributes to it, but a combination.

The most popular beverage, the one we can’t live without on a daily basis. Coffee is no longer just something to drink at breakfast, during a break at the bar, or at the end of a meal; it has become a real tradition, a ritual; to the point where expressions like “are we going out for a coffee?” have entered our everyday language and have a much broader meaning than the literal one.

As a result, deciding which coffee beans are the best is a critical decision. Indeed, getting everyone to agree is not always easy: some people prefer stronger coffee, while others prefer a softer, more encompassing flavor. To assist you in making this decision, we’ve compiled a list of the top 8 coffee beans on the market right now, the ones that stand out for their taste, quality, and price.

Coffee Bean Direct Italian Roast Espresso, Whole Bean Coffee, 5 Pound Bag

This coffee comes straight from South America, Kenya, and Sumatra mostly. The coffee is of single-origin and contains most of the features; decaffeinated, blends, and also tea with the combination of the 3 roasts to light, medium, and dark. This coffee is a strong brew variant and stands out at the price label. You can enjoy a quality brew at a great deal with the option of bulk buying.  The beans are sold in the amount of 5lb bags also have a simple approach to its packaging.

This is the brand for you if you enjoy full-flavored, black, Italian-style espresso with a thick layer of crema. The beans are a little greasy, but the container is of good quality and keeps the beans fresh and flavorful. The scent of coffee is strong and fresh.

 The coffee beans of the brand are known for the roasting process and also the beans in the packaging are slow-roasted before packaging to give out a rich flavor and fresh appeal to the consumer. You can feel the touch of cocoa and smoky molasses when you get a dark roast blend. The quality and strength of the coffee mostly go with the competitors and can be appreciated by the price point it holds.

Pellini Caffe’ Espresso Top 100% Arabica, 2.2 lbs Wholebean


Pellini is known for its authentic Italian coffee taste. The product comes from Verona, Italy with the Italian roast. With the inclusion of 100% Arabica beans, the slow roasting process makes the flavor enriched and preserves the freshness right out from the packaging.

The product claims of the low caffeine content but mostly it is a little strong for the word ‘low’. The product comes with 2.2lb bags and with a black packaging design and a minimalistic design. You can enjoy a fine Italian coffee experience with the Pellini Coffee 100% Arabica product.

Verena Street Espresso Beans


The next highlight product is the Verena Street Espresso beans. The 11 oz packaging coffee is with a dark roast preserving the richness and the strength and consisting of creamy complexity and crema. The coffee is suggested to be put to use with a fine grind and a coarse grind for drip coffee. The coffee is roasted and packaged in Iowa at a family-owned coffee company. The design of the coffee packaging has a vintage yet simplistic approach to it.

The espresso coffee beans also come in 2 pound and 5-pound sizes. The coffee beans consist of smooth and sharp qualities that will enrich your flavor of the coffee. Also being 100% Arabica roasted coffee the beans a grown with a good overall quality. Goes with the French press and a Keurig as well.

Intelligentsia Black Cat Classic Espresso

This coffee brand is best suited for the people who need a strong coffee to get a boring mindset off yet not too strong that gives you the shakes. The Intelligentsia Black Cat Espresso since 1995 is known for the sweetness and complicated profile of the beans. Boasting on the notes of chocolate, ripe cherry, and brown sugar. The packing comes with 12 oz of size and with a classic design that steals your eye. The packaging has a great feel and once opened the aroma is strong.

Kicking Horse Coffee, Kick Ass, Dark Roast, Whole Bean

These fully organic beans come from mostly South America and Central America. The coffee beans are enriched with the notes of Chocolate and molasses, with sweet vanilla and dark chocolate aroma. These 100% Arabica beans come with packaging of 2.2oz and 10oz.

This is also for a strong caffeinated drink with fully organic which will give you a good intensity. The product is an output of fair-trader and also Kosher. The blend has robust dark roast properties and smokiness added to it.  The Lavazza product is of sweetness and strength. Great with drip and French press.

Koffee Kult Thunder Bolt Whole Bean Coffee

Featuring the best coffee beans for espresso are the Columbian and Brazil 100% Arabica sourced coffee beans that have a fine robust taste. The medium to slight caffeine and smooth touch of coffee taste makes the Koffee Kult Thunder Bolt coffee special. The smooth blend of dark roast coffee consists of the compliments of cocoa and cinnamon. The beans are not oily and with a good flavor. The taste is so on the scales of dark chocolate.

The packaging too is very functional in terms of pouring coffee to a funnel and extremely well packed. The packaging consists of a bold design that is stand out. The aroma of the coffee is great and fills a room. The roasting methods are to be complemented here that have the preserved enrichens and aroma.

Stumptown Coffee Roasters, Hair Bender Whole Bean

Another fine addition to your espresso coffee taste is the Stumptown coffee hair bender whole bean. the reason behind featuring it as one of the best coffee beans for espresso is that it is known for the fine sourcing of coffee as the brand itself is known to be.

From Asia as well as the reigons of Latin America and Africa the Stumptown coffee gives out notes of dark chocolate and citrus. From a 20 year experience, the roasting process itself is enriched with quality bean aroma. It is recommended for both espresso and other brewing too

The coffee packaging comes with 12oz of fine-packed coffee beans. The design of the packaging is more authentic and vintage, with a matte green all over. The coffee has medium caffeinated levels and has a great flavor, as they called the hair bender.