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    Rowing machines are proving it’s worth by having a good amount of benefits towards your daily workout goals. The rowing machine has a variety of workouts and also gives you a good posture with the added advantage of working out your lower body as well as the upper.

    So if you’re hoping to buy a new rowing machine then this article is for you. Here we feature 12 rowing machine benefits that will provide you with a well-versed understanding and how it will assist you with your daily fitness goals. It’s a bit surprising when you only have two moves stroking and gliding what parts of your body will be stressed and focused upon.

    All-around workout

    The action of rowing will provide a diverse amount of workouts to your muscles such as the arms, legs, back, and mids. This is why rowing becomes more exciting as it always gives you a part of cardio as well as strength at the same time. A 2015 study also proved that back strength and trunk flexion metrics increased.

    Less impact and easy setup

    The biggest advantage of all is the limited space that requires setting up a rowing machine and what it focuses on in terms of a workout compared to most of the other routine exercises that we do in our daily life. For example, you can get a cardio workout by running for hours and it may result in leg pains or bruises but with a rowing machine, you can completely avoid it because the impact of the workout that you get is less.

    Healthy cardiovascular routine

    A rowing machine will strengthen your cardiovascular system and this includes your heart, blood vessels, and the blood which is responsible for transporting important nutrients and minerals as well as oxygen throughout the body.

    Since this is an intense workout it will transport more blood which ultimately strengthens your heart and also as you breathe in and out with consistency the capacity of your lungs will restore.

    Less pain for sore muscles

    The pain of the sore muscles will be less. If you’re a person who is looking to reduce your body fat then this will be the best workout machine that you can purchase right now as this will ease you into lowering your body fat while being able to raise your heart rate more.

    Rowing will give more focus on your core muscles as you crunch and open up which is much more of a motion that is similar to a sit- up and also the force that uses you to push the seat backward will strengthen your lower body.

    Lead to a healthy posture

    The biggest aspect that will encourage more people to try out a rowing machine is the ability to correct your posture because as you slide outward you require to be upright. Posture is not something that is specifically focused on every workout yet the most important factor deals with time and age.

    Rowing machine benefits from arms to the legs


    If you love to focus on your legs more then a rowing machine will benefit you. You must have thought that the most amount of the workout goes to your arms but that’s where most people are wrong. Mainly the legs are the most focused area of the workout and then comes the arms while the rest is distributed among the body.

    Effective yet flexible

    In terms of being effective and flexible, the rowing machine stands out. Mainly because you can get a quick and hyperactive workout as well as a slow rhythmic workout with a rowing machine therefore this might be the most flexible workout machine that we’ve found so far.

    Customizable resistance levels

    When you hear a rowing machine it does not directly come back to the real rowing scenario. Instead, it can be customized mostly like a treadmill or any other exercise equipment. You can set up your own resistance levels in the rowing machine and it’s not recommended to start at a higher resistance at first because it will give much more stress to your muscles directly therefore if you’re just starting out it will be easier and more effective if you increase the resistance by increments over a period of time.

    Track your workout

    With a rowing machine, you might feel that tracking your improvement might be a bit hard but that’s not the case you can track your improvements by the distance that you have gone and this will be calculated by your rowing machine that way if you feel extra motivated then rowing machines are for that too.

    Hard to cheat

    A rowing machine offers no momentum at all so once you feel like you want to relax during the workout then the rowing machine will not encourage you as it will push you forward to work out more unless you bring it to a halt. Compared to an exercise bike or a treadmill which you can set up to low resistance and ride without breaking a sweat.

    Quicker gains

    A 2014 comparative study shows a 30% increase in muscle strength from the joint torque. You can definitely say that you will see quicker results and we know in the workout world quicker results is what everybody advertises but with the rowing machine this is just a reality. When you compare a workout session in a treadmill or a fitness bike the rowing machine will give a good workout to your muscles and as well as a good upper body workout which none of those machines will provide.

    For the mind and soul

    Rowing is an enjoyable activity as well as an activity that soothes your mind. There is a consistent flow that makes you ultimately blend with the workout and as a result, it will also benefit your body and also your mind. Of course in the water, you may feel much more relaxed but a workout indoors will give you a good flexible movement that couples with a free relaxation.

    Buying your first rowing machine


    If you’re set on buying your first rowing machine then there are some facts to consider. The main factor that your consideration should be focused upon is the type of rowing machine. There are two types of rowing machines, one is an air magnetic rover and a magnetic rover.

    The difference between these two machines is that the air magnetic rovers will provide a bit more resistance and also you can customize the amount of resistance that you’re getting which gives a stronger workout as well as a quicker result but these machines can be expensive therefore if you are going for a budget option or this might be your first purchase then we recommend for a magnetic rower which also gives a great workout.

    There’s a reason why rowing machines are popular and that is because rowing gives you a full-body workout while improving your heart and also the endurance as well as the strength of your body. Therefore there’s no reason for this exercise to be limited to an outdoor activity and that is why it is now available as a machine that will give you the exact amount of work that is required in reality.

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