Purchasing your brand new television, whether you are looking to watch movies, gaming, or even regular TV, we covered the best OLED tv 2022 Reddit recommendations for you.

Why the Reddit Picks?

You can find many television reviews and almost any other product review on the web recommending tons of television models and perhaps even labeling the worst as the best. Therefore it’s better to turn to a platform that actually contains the genuine user experience of these products. That’s where Reddit shines. Most people post questions asking for the best-recommended product and you may get a bunch of replies based on genuine user experience in Reddit.

Why Review the Best OLED TV Reddit recommendations?

This review is helpful if you are looking to purchase a product and are not willing to post your question on Reddit and may need to go through already mentioned Reddit experiences. We frequently review products that are Reddit recommended.

That’s why we save your time in going through all the best OLED Reddit recommendations one and by one and give you an in-depth analysis of all the products mentioned. We research and give you and hands-on experience review of these products so you can save lots of time in doing your research.

Best OLED TV 2021 Reddit | Quick Feature Snippets

Top Pick


The best OLED TV of 2022 is non-other than the LG C1. Super slim OLED tv has crisp picture quality and sound. C1 series is updated for the latest processors as it’s one of LG’s flagship OLED TVs. Optimized for gaming with its new enhanced features.


Here comes the best budget OLED TV from LG and this year’s pick delivers crystal clear images with a bit more noise for its price point. Featuring an A7 chip to the A9 the LG A1 performs well with reflection and picture quality.

Sony A90J OLED TV | XR65A90J

Standing out almost perfect if not for its slight thickness, the Sony A90J stands out for its performance from picture quality and the screen emitting sound quality. The Sony A90J bears a high price point to match its performance and a value that is much suited for the immersive experience.



Delivering stunning crisp pictures the LG CX is well-known for its quality in the OLED world. Minimum reflections and calibrated brightness avoid any unnecessary interference. LG CX is now occupied with the latest Alpha9 Gen 3 processor.



The leader of OLED and the most popular and performing OLED TV right now and the frequent mention in the Best OLED tv 2022 Reddit reviews. The design of the LG C1 is one of the razor-sharp thin screens that you find available in the market. From its long silver stand that holds the TV upright and the thinnest display that you’ll experience which is mostly a millimeter between the picture and the edge of the screen.

The bottom of the screen is the housing for all the hardware and as well as ht speaker and yet it is much compact in design to most of the competitors such as Sony. The only downside is that screen will quickly catch a glare if the room is feeding light from all directions.

The bright colors of the TV are still able to resist most of it. The LG C1 OLED features a wonderful Magic remote that is Bluetooth enabled and a built-in mic for voice search. The LG C1 is constantly updated as it is one of the hallmark TVs of LG. The C1 now comes with the brand new Alpha A9 Gen 4 processor. The brightness of the LG c1 OLED is truly amazing even without the LG’s new Evo panels. If LG decides to add the Evo panel the C1 will be definitely the top ranker for OLED slim TVs.

The new game optimizer will give you true and manual settings such as the Balck and white stabilizer along with VRR. Also, the prevent input delay drops the input latency along with the support for ALLM is smooth when the TV detects an incoming gaming signal.

Overall it is one of the best TVs in the market right now featuring an ultra-thin screen. Also one of the most gaming preferred OLED panels and if you are a gamer this is certainly the top priority to consider. However, we would recommend the CX if you have a good deal and the glare is one of the issues that many users point out and the brightness can be more in the competitors such as the Sony A90J.

LG OLED A1 TV | Best Budget Reddit Pick 2022


A much-awaited arrival for the budget-friendly category the LG OLED A1 Television is the LG’s lowest-spec OLED TV this year. As users were demanding much more affordable OLED TVs the company delivered. Having a bit of compromising yet offering the crispiest images LG’s A1 OLED comes with an A7 chip that is a step down from the A9 chip seen in the best OLED TV the LG c1 OLED. Though it has some noise compared to the A9 chip it produces crispy images with much clarity. It also comes with Dolby Vision HDR and Dolby Atmos audio with a built-in 20W.

In terms of build quality, the A1 actually impressed us. The screen outer layers I built by metal which appears to be well-built. Much like other budget OLED tv, the back end outer covering is made of plastic and maybe a little weaker than the models such as the LG C1 OLED. It also competes well with some of the premium range OLEDs when it comes to handling reflection but never really mounts up to the C1.

You can expect a slight lack of HDMI 2.1 which will probably affect you if you are looking forward to Xbox and PS% gaming console support. The LG a1 is the best budget OLED TV that you can find from the brand. It will match the past year’s BX’s performance with great contrast and vibrancy. You can expect some noise and stutter. But for the price point and with the Black Friday deals closing thick and fast it will be the best budget OLED TV this year.

Sony A90J OLED TV | XR65A90J


Say hi to the Sony A90J OLED TV that boasts in performance and is probably the best explanation for its price. The Sony A90J accompanies its picture quality backed by its amazing sound. The picture quality is as better as it gets when it comes to 4K, the contrast of the edge and the detail gives out the picture quality on this OLED better than most of its competitors.

When it comes to sound the Sony A90J is built for the wonder by featuring the entire screen to emit sound, which is still to this day a bit of a dream. Backed by the high bass boost drivers the TV gives out a surround sound combined with a direct approach for the immersive experience. In terms of designing the Sony A90J extends a bit thicker when it comes to the back end while the screen is an ultra-slim 6mm deep.

However the TV rather stands a little bit thick when mounted up the wall, but fit’s perfectly. Other competitors such as the LG OLED TVs and Samsung offer much thinner bezels to the wall. Sony A90J contains its hardware of sound and other whatnot which makes up for this slight thickness.

In terms of picture quality, the brightness of the screen delivers and goes beyond the OLED counterparts. The colored picture gives out a more dynamic and enhanced look overall with blacks supporting the depth of the picture.

The OLED picture quality combined with detail and depth coupled to its crisp white tones the contrast of A90J serves up big time.  If you are looking to purchase a TV based on its performance such as picture quality and sound quality the Sony A90J should be your go-to option. The price is not cheap and if you are looking for a bargain this is not the TV you should consider.



The first and the most popular OLED TV is the LG CX OLED. The images you experience are the crispiest and stunning result of the organic pixels at work. The LG CX (OLED55CXPUA) is a top competitor of the best television for some time now and still, the LCD counterparts are struggling to match the image quality it delivers.

The reason behind these stunning images stands for the OLED technology and the powerful new Alpha 9 Gen 3 processor combined with the AI ThinQ software. The brilliance of this technology at work can be seen when you try out the different modes such as sports and movies where the software recognizes which sets of images required a high degree of processing for the best viewing experience.

4K high dynamic range formats, including HDR10 and HLG (hybrid log gamma), are intended for streaming services like YouTube and 4K broadcasts from the likes of DirecTV. And the CX supports the increasingly popular Dolby Vision HDR format, now boosted with an IQ designation that means the TV can adjust the picture according to the perceived light conditions in the room.

The LG CX is ideal for streaming services such as YouTube and broadcasting 4K quality images featuring the 4K high dynamic range formats such as the HDR10 and HLG (hybrid log gamma). There are no problems of reflections and brightness for us when switched on the Dolby Vision HDF format along with the smart intelligence recognized the light conditions the room offered to adjust it for your need.

The LG OLED will not disappoint if you decide to purchase it. With its brand new features and elegant image processing software with boast-up performance, the LG CX even goes above and beyond its price value even matching up to expensive competitors above its price point such as the Sony A9G Master series.

Buying Guide : What to consider before your purchase


We are in 2022 and in the world of TV, a lot has changed. We are not talking about 1080p or Full HD now. We beginning to barely speak about (4K) now. However, if you are looking to choose a TV first based on its resolution, we recommend that you should consider television in 4K and above. This is all the more reason to consider when most streaming platforms support 4K at minimum now for a better viewing experience. It’s better to buy a computer monitor rather than a Television if you are considering anything below 4K.


Of course, everyone is on a budget at their own levels of income, but when you are considering buying a decent television based on a budget of less than $ 500 then again, the TV won’t surely do much for you. A good budget range for Television is always $ 500-1000. You can consider a good 55-inch model around $500 and $900 dollars for 65inch TV. However, if you are looking for a better picture better sound, and great features it will cost you above $1000 dollars.

Refresh rate and HDR Compliance

A good refresh rate is key, and most TVs come with 60 Hz. If you consider a TV with a higher refresh rate that is 120Hz then you will get smoother and better motion pictures on your TV. The higher the better.

Make sure your TV is HDR-compliances which actually amounts up to better colors and contrast.

Consider an OLED TV

OLED TVs are better and expensive. Always know that if you are looking for something in the middle we recommend that you go for QLED from Samsung as it is manufactured for quality and budget. There are other brands such as Sony, LG, and Vizio that offer the same quality and pricing and might be slightly expensive.

HDMI and Sound Bar

Go for a 4 port HDMI TV as it provides more accessibility and convenience especially if you are a gamer or a streamer.

When speaking of sound, it’s better to buy a soundbar always and it’s recommended. When TVs became ultra-thin and made all the hype, we all knew that some aspect is to be sacrificed and sadly all ultra-thin TVs had to sacrifice sound. Note that we are not telling that the inbuilt sound is no-good, but if you need a better sound and an immersive experience go for a soundbar.

What is OLED?

OLED is one of the recent developments for televisions that have resulted in a positive hype towards high contrast and detailed viewing on a TV. OLED stands for the organic light-emitting diode. OLED TVs are highly manufactured by television brands such as Sony and LG. Also, the same technology is used to manufacture smartphones where Apple and Samsung are considered the market giants.

What is the technology behind OLED?

Any image in any platform except vectors is made from pixels. Tiny particles form an entire image which results in a high-quality picture. In an OLED TV, each of these pixels is made with a source that emits lights when you spike it with electricity. It is well known that jabbing with electricity produces heat and the particles do emit heat while making the resolution a priority (electroluminescence). If you are wondering where does the ‘organic’ come in, the word ‘organic’ is referred to the manufactured compound that contains carbon making the electroluminescence.

It’s not only carbon and each color is produced with a different organic compound. Known that these are not necessarily the colors that you see on the tv. It all depends on the amount of current that is generated to the OLED pixel is resulting in the amount of light to be emitted. So, when you have a vibrant image on tv that means a lot of currents (relative to the TV) are generated for the image, and when there is no current no light is emitted. This control and combination are what make the excellent contrast and picture quality of OLED.

Our verdict on the Best OLED TV 2022 Reddit Picks

The above OLED panels are truly considered the best OLED with some inclusions of Sony Bravia and LG BX. However, these OLED panels are the most selling and the top performers in terms of quality picture and smart-tv features. LG and Sony top the best OLED tv 2022 Reddit picks. In terms of choosing the best in all comes down to color gamut and the contrast features along with lag time. the added features also mount up to be the top performers in the market.


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